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Starting your guest list - simplified!

Woohoo! You're engaged and now it's time to figure out who is going to share your special day! Sometimes this task can feel daunting, so here are some tips and tricks to get you started!

1. Think about your wedding "feel." Are you preferring something small and intimate, where you can try to spend some time with all your guests, or one big party where the more is the merrier?

2. Decide on a "ideal" guest number. This headcount may be created by your venue capacity, or budget requirements, too, so consider those.

3. Consider any other members of planning that you would want to allow a guest count for - for example, maybe you have a parent who is helping pay for the wedding, and you'd like to give them 2 - 4 guest spots for their personal guests. Remember - helping with a wedding should never be a "pass" for making decisions or taking control - it's still your wedding day. Make sure to set expectations for who is making planning decisions and what boundaries you feel strongly on.

4. Consider plus-ones. Think of those who may be coming to the event single, and consider if you desire, or have space to, allow them to bring a guest. Remember - this is totally up to you. Most weddings will allow for a plus-one only for relationships where they are friends with the significant other, too, rather than allowing someone to bring a date they don't know.

5. Consider children. Will you allow children at your wedding and reception? Will you allow some closely related family members that have children, but no guest children?

6. Special Accommodations: When thinking of your guest list, be sure to note any guests who may require accommodations (hard of hearing, wheelchair access, interpreter, etc.)

Now you can start naming! I suggest starting from your closest connections and working out - immediate family and close friends, then think of extended family, and less-frequently seen (but still special!) friends.

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