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Why do I need a wedding coordinator?

When it comes to budgeting your wedding, you may feel like adding a planner or coordinator is a luxury expense - when in reality, it should be one of the first vendors you secure. Not only does having a coordinator guarantee that you (and your loved ones) can sit back and relax on your wedding day, it also means you have someone on your side during the planning process to answer questions and keep you on track.

So - what exactly do coordinators do?

There's different levels of coordination and planning depending on your needs - but at a minimum you can expect that Flores Events will:

  • Create your timeline in collaboration with your vendors (When is your hair and makeup starting? What time are you leaving to the venue? What's the sunset time for golden hour photos?)

  • Review setup needs and space requirements for all vendors (How much space does your photobooth need? Where is the closest access to power?)

  • Create your layout for ceremony and reception.

  • Prepare your ceremony outline with your officiant. (What's the order for your wedding party? Are parents or grandparents walking in the procession?)

  • Lead your rehearsal and act as point of contact for your wedding party. In the week prior to your wedding, we meet with you and your bridal party to walk through the ceremony, making sure everyone feels comfortable and knows what to do. Most rehearsals take about 40 minutes and we are able to run through the ceremony twice, as well as answer any questions.

  • Coordinate your wedding day! We are onsite early to check in vendor arrivals, oversee setup, and place your decor items. Once your wedding party arrives we will get you prepped for ceremony, get you setup with your photographer for photos, and be close throughout the reception so you can socialize and dance without having to watch your timeline.

  • Manage your valuables and sentimental items. We always collect your gifts immediately after your ceremony, and collect your personal items (guestbook, cake cutting set, cardbox) and place them in a designated vehicle or secure area.

  • Assist vendors throughout the event. If you have one photographer, they may need a hand to get everyone gathered for family photos. Sometimes serving staff needs help getting cake out to guests. If the bartender needs to run to the restroom, you'll need someone to cover the bar. That's us! We work with all our vendors as a team to get the job done.

Still not convinced? Here's some questions to ask yourself: Who is going to:

  • Be onsite to check in your vendors?

  • Seat your special attention guests and prepare reserved seating?

  • Manage your wedding party and gather everyone in order for ceremony?

  • Notify you when it's time to head to reception, start your first dance, get ready to cut the cake?

  • Gather & secure your gifts?

  • Help prep the venue for departure - making sure you're following the contract?

  • Greet your transportation and guide them to pick you up at the end of the night?

  • Greet your caterer and answer any concerns about the kitchen?

  • Transport your cake if it requires refrigeration?

Tip: I recommend speaking with your other vendors (your photographer, DJ) and ask them for their input! From wedding party & family, to vendors & venue... having someone on your side to manage the day removes an immense amount of stress for everyone, but most importantly - you!

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